WHAT’S is the trust of thE IALE Foundation?

To know the trust of this foundation, we will like to refer quickly to our mission and vision. First of all, our mission is to create enhanced learning opportunities for children and empower disadvantaged people to secure sustainable livelihoods. Also, our vision is sustainable livelihoods for all! We are sure this says it all about what we stand for.

What is the most convenient way to provide my volunteer services to your organization?

You are very welcome if your thoughts are much directed to ours then we see ourselves on that journey of support for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Please fill the form on contact us, our community development and outreach Director would return to you with a call or email which ever you prefer to initiate a discussion with you. The outreach team may set up a live chat session in a secure session on website.

Do you have customer service?

We do! Our dedicated would usually respond to your inquiry or request as promptly as practicable.  Thank you.

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