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To create enhanced learning opportunities for children and empower disadvantaged people to secure sustainable livelihoods.


Sustainable livelihoods for all

Core Values

Integrity: we believe that success is enhanced by responsibility to the people and communities we serve; we are committed to transparency and accountability in our endeavors.

Tolerance: we respect diversity of choice and voice. At IALE Foundation, we believe that everybody has something to bring to the table and that each person’s contribution is vital to the building of a better future.

Professionalism: we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and performance. We are committed to building an organisation in which each individual is a role model of excellence and an inspiration to the disadvantaged in society.

Teamwork: “many hands make light work”. “No man is an island”. Effective change is only achieved by people working together, hence our belief in building gainful synergistic relationships within our organisation and with others working toward the same goals.

Principal officers

Might Kojo Abreh, PhD

Might Kojo Abreh, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


President of  IALE Foundation and has been conducting social development research studies and interventions for the past 13 years.

Martha Adjola

Martha Adjola


A gender activist and leads empowerment and skills training workshops for communities in distress and the vulnerable.